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Peripheral neuromuscular blocking agent in the Botulinum toxin family such as Botox is used to modulate facial muscle tone.  This will help reduce deep skin lines and wrinkles which are generated by repetitive and strong facial muscle contractions.  We carefully evaluate each patient's needs and administer the neuromuscular blocking agent at the appropriate site and depth to achieve the desired result.   We do not require a minimum amount at each visit; we will only administer what's required for your specific aesthetic goals.


Hyaluronic acid is a non permanent, minimally invasive treatment option to accentuate facial features and re-volumize the aging face. We use the DermaSculpt cannula to reduce pain and bleeding that can occur from trauma to nerves and vessels which can be seen with the traditional sharp needle method. The cannula technique will drastically reduce the number of needle sticks and minimize risk of bruising, vascular occlusion and nerve injury.  

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