Michael J. Huang, MD


Dr. Huang attended UCLA for his undergraduate studies and obtained a degree in Biochemistry.  He pursued medical education at St. George University School of Medicine.  He completed his internship at Indiana University and Family Practice residency at UC Davis.  At UCLA, he was active in biomedical research and during medical school,  he participated in heart research at Stanford University Cardiovascular Research Institute. Dr. Huang has great interest and experience in Dermatology and outpatient surgical procedures.  He is an engineer at heart and often engaged in various mechanical projects including motorsports to hone his problem solving skills.  Physical activity is a big part of his daily life; he enjoys hiking, cycling, weight lifting, basketball, tennis, volleyball and swimming.



Hi! my name is Ashley, you may know me as the mama of the practice. My role here for the past 4 years is office manager. Upon graduating at 16 years old and receiving my medical assisting certificate I have helped expand a private family practice coming from Texas. After growing in family practice, I worked for Kaiser Permanente for several departments spine surgery, podiatry, elder care, and cardiology. Subsequently, I left Kaiser because I knew Family practice was where I wanted to be. Since then, Dr. Huang and I have worked closely into making his practice what it is today. Each day here at the clinic we face challenges that your typical family practice will not encounter (if you are a patient here, you understand) sometimes the best medical advice may not be pleasing to patients and often require drastic lifestyle changes and commitment and the right medication can be bitter that's why I take pride in knowing all of our intentions are true and motivate me to keep moving forward in my medical career. 

Outside of the clinic, I am a real mama x2 .. Three if you count our doggo! My family is infamous for avid traveling, finding the best hole in the wall spots to eat, and spending time with our family and friends. My next journey, trying to beat the average handicap for women in golf!



My name is Viktoriya but everyone just calls me Vika.  In our practice, we really focus on a healthy lifestyle and we try to practice what we preach here. So of course, I love food but I am very picky meaning I don't like to consume a lot of meat and I have so much more energy and my body feels much better when I eat clean. I do have a sugar tooth, but everything in moderation ;) I am someone who can't sit for too long, so I absolutely love to dance,swim, lift weights, bike,and play volleyball (not the best at it, but i really enjoy it). 

I am extremely blessed to be in the position that I am,  I've been working closely with Dr. Huang going on three years.  

After I graduated college, I didn't quite know exactly what I wanted to do but I most definitely knew I had a pull to help people. It may be from my upbringing, but there is something so rewarding and humbling when you are able to help someone and know that's your purpose in life. When I started to work at Dr. Huang's practice, I noticed the relaxed atmosphere and care Dr. Huang provided for this practice. He truly cares for his patients and is compassionate and will take all the time he needs with every patient. He definitely puts his heart out into this practice. He has shown me how medical care should be like.  I am passionate about what I do in this practice and I'm blessed to do it at Michael J Huang MD INC. 

I hope to continue to grow and learn and to eventually become an ICU Nurse.

Michael J. Huang, MD Family Practice & Aesthetics


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